ICDRO is a non-profit organization and has been given ‘charitable Institution’ status and 80G status by income tax department, Govt. of India.

Since 2009 ICDRO, is active in promoting research in India and has supported many research projects. We are actively working in skill development and empowerment of young practitioners and specialists. We have conducted more than 100 workshops and 3 international conferences where more than 25 international faculties delivered scientific program in skill development and educated participants on innovative technology.

ICDRO healthcare incubation center is our new project and we are planning to establish the center for promoting development of new material, device, products and innovation in healthcare medical, dental, Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The incubation center will help young entrepreneur to grow business.

“Healthy Mother Healthy Child Healthy India” is our CSR project. Preterm delivery of low birth weight babies in India is a reason of growing concern. PLBWinfants, who survive the neonatal period face a higher risk of several neuro developmental disturbances, congenital anomalies, learning and behavioral problems. ICDRO is looking for a CSR corporate partner to undertake this project in rural India.


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